A-Lert Roof Systems
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The A-Lert Retrofit Process: The Industry Standard

A-Lert custom fabricates each roofing project in order to ensure quality. Continuous roof panels, roll formed at the jobsite, eliminate lap joints and the associated leak potential. The roof panels are attached to the framing system with floating clips which accommodate the normal expansion and contraction of the metal panels. The clips are concealed when the interlocking roof panels have been mechanically seamed together. Sealant applied to the panel ribs provides a further barrier against water penetration.


  • Base plates tie into the existing roof's substructure
    Base Plates
  •  Vertical posts (made of 16 gauge red iron) are cut on-site and installed according to the engineer's design...determining the roof's new pitch
    Vertical Framing
  •  Purlins, also made of 16 gauge red iron, are laid across and installed along the vertical posts
  •  Band bracing is then installed, criss-crossed along the red iron posts
    Band Bracing
  •  This picture shows thermal block which is run in between the zee purlin and the roof panels. Concealed floating clips are also installed to allow for thermal expansion.
    Roof Panels
  •  Finally the mechanical seamer is run along each seam, ensuring a completely watertight surface!
    Mechanical Seaming