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Safety: The Core Of Our Values

Safety is at the core of our business at A-Lert Roof Systems, and is woven through our philosophy and operations. Our comprehensive Behavior Safety Program is specially designed around OSHA and other federal standards for the roofing industry. Training for our employees includes preventing water intrusion and using guidelines to prevent construction defects.

Properly trained and educated A-Lert employees drive a safety culture where accidents are less likely to happen. We work proactively to instill safe work attitudes in our employees. New hires are required to complete an eight hour safety training program before beginning work in the field. General foremen are required to complete a ten hour OSHA certified construction outreach training course. Our "Target Zero" slogan is a reinforcement of training concepts and a reminder of the continuing goal of zero workplace accidents.

One critical component of our culture of safety is a drug-free workplace. A-Lert has in place a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse program, providing for pre-employment, post-accident, and suspicion-based testing.

A-Lert Roof Systems’ parent, Centurion Industries, Inc., maintains a well-trained professional safety staff. Senior safety staff hold professional designations in Loss Control Management. The entire safety staff is well represented with OSHA certified instructors. This team gives A-Lert the ability to provide depth of training and to monitor compliance with safety standards during all construction activities.