Longevity of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Standing seam metal roofs offer one of the lowest cost roofing solutions due to their low maintenance and long life. Although there can be a higher than usual cost to install metal roofing over other types of roofing, the eventual benefits far outweigh that initial price tag.

Why Metal Roofing Last the Longest:

  • Components will never rip or tear, barring catastrophic events
  • There are no leaks to slowly damage the interior layers of roofing or insulation
  • Components don’t wear away over time like
  • A sloped frame eliminates the ability for water to pool and cause structural damage


Excellent resistance to all forms of weather is one of the primary advantages of A-Lert standing seam metal roofs. The sloped framing eliminates ponding water, reducing the potential of structural collapse. All custom cut roof panels interlock and are seamed together with a mechanical seamer to provide a weather-tight seal.
Mechanically sealed panels provide a completely weatherproof seal, being impenetrable both through the seams or through the material.


A-Lert manufactures high-quality ribbed steel panels to create a long-lasting roof system. Various forms of metal roofing have been in service for decades, clearly establishing the durability of metal in roofing applications.

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