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Metal Wall and Ceiling Systems

A-Lert Roof Systems is not only known and regarded for our quality standing-seam roof systems, but we are also are well-known for our impressive wall panel system projects! Our talented team of designers and installers are true artists, and their dedication and attention to detail show in our impressive results! Whether it’s a school, church, or storefront, we can make your building look great with exterior lining and walls and restore old ceilings with efficient metal components.

How a Metal Wall Liner or Ceiling From A-Lert Roof Systems Can Help You

  • An easily restored exterior
  • Colored paneling to match your brand
  • Extra insulation opportunities
  • A quick renovation for interior ceilings
  • A more energy-efficient building
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The Benefits of Metal Wall Systems

Typically reserved for commercial buildings, schools, and organizational buildings, metal wall liner systems have a wide range of benefits for those who choose to invest in them. When you choose to install or buy system components with A-Lert, you’ll get the highest quality of parts and the best processes as well. Here are a few things that metal wall liner systems can provide to you and your building:


Acting as a Rain Screen

Metal wall liner systems help protect your building from moisture, decreasing the chance for mold or decay on the building

fire resistance

Fire Resistance

Metal walls can help keep fires from spreading by acting as an inflammable barrier between rooms

lower cost and maintenance

Lower Cost Installation and Maintenance

Being bigger and more lightweight, metal walls require less installation time and labor spent on your walls

greener option

A Greener Option

Not only are they recyclable, but metal wall paneling also offers many opportunities and variation on insulation.

great look

A Great Look

Metal wall liners are adaptable to a number of interior and exterior designs, and we have options to match any brand.

When it comes to improving the look of your exterior or interior, doing so quickly, and doing it with an option that makes sense financially both now and later, there are few better options than metal wall liner systems. Whether you’re updating a school, church, or office building or building a sleek new headquarters for your business, we can give you great-looking walls that deliver superior value.

The Benefits of Metal Ceiling Systems 

When it comes to repairing some of the more expensive and historic buildings in a city, metal ceilings, along with wall systems, are a great way to save money on renovations while revamping your building and making it safer and more efficient. In addition to holding great value for new and existing commercial buildings, metal ceilings can help bring new life to school gymnasiums, local theatres, community centers, and more. When you choose A-Lert Roofing for your installation, you’ll get expert craftsmanship and a range of other benefits, including:

fire resistance

Added Fire Resistance

With metal ceiling systems from A-Lert Roof Systems, you’ll not only be sure that your ceiling isn’t a fire hazard, but you can get one that will help stop the spread, which is especially reassuring in buildings with large heating and cooling equipment.

better insulation

Better Insulation

When you add a metal ceiling to your building, you’re not only adding a layer of insulation to a potentially drafty roof, but providing extra space for insulation to be installed.

quick times

Quick Turnaround Times

You can have your city or organizations building back up and running in no time with a metal ceiling installation from A-Lert. We can take care of whole gymnasium-size spaces in just a few weeks!

no birds

Say Goodbye to Birds

Old gymnasiums and large buildings without ceiling liners can often attract birds who perch and make nests on wires, chords, and planks above. This is a health risk for those in your building, as birds are notorious carriers of disease.

safe space

Safer Spaces

On top of all the other benefits, replacing a dilapidated ceiling with a metal panel ceiling will increase safety practically all around. From preventing fires and falling bits and pieces of ceiling materials from dropping on you to keeping birds and their droppings out, there are a number of ways a metal ceiling could help protect the community members in your building.

If you need to replace an existing ceiling in your city, organization, or business’s building, then A-Lert Roof Systems wants to be your choice for metal ceiling installation. Our panels offer tons of benefits over traditional and dilapidated ceiling systems and they’re quick to install. Get in touch with us today for your installation or to learn more!

Get All Your Metal Paneling, Roofing, and Ceilings From A-Lert

When it comes time to upgrade a home, business, state or city building with metal components, there’s no one better to contact than A-Lert Roof Systems. Our standing-seam metal roofing and components are among the world's best and it's why we’ve provided countless installations and component sales over the years. With interior and exterior wall paneling as well as new ceiling installations, you’ll get the same quality and craftsmanship you could expect from one of our roofs. Make the right choice for your building, and choose A-Lert Roofing for your wall-liner or ceiling needs.

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