A-Lert Roof Systems
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Aesthetically Pleasing, Energy-Efficient Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs have been expanding from their industrial roots to become more of an architectural statement over the past few years. With a wide selection of colors and sleek look, they can now be found on all types of structures, including upscale housing, restaurants, retail businesses, civic buildings, and churches. 

Energy efficiency is another major benefit of standing seam metal roofs. One of the least apparent, but most costly effects of a leaky roof is the damage to insulation. Wet insulation loses its design qualities and fails to provide a barrier against heat and cold. The A-Lert system also makes adding insulation very easy so that additional energy savings can be realized.

A-Lert offers a range of colors that meet Energy Star requirements for Solar Reflectance on low slope and high slope roofs. See the color selection chart to see which colors qualify.


Attractive colored panels can be integrated with other design elements to improve the appearance of a building.