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Retrofit Roof

Standing seam metal roofs offer one of the lowest cost roofing solutions due to their low maintenance and long life. 

Retrofit Roof System

Weather-Tight Construction

Excellent resistance to all forms or weather is one of the primary advantages of A-Lert standing seam metal roofs. The sloped framing eliminates any chance of the roof holding water, reducing the potential of structural collapse and costly leaks. All custom-cut roof panels interlock and are crimped together with a mechanical seamer to provide a weather-tight seal.


A-Lert manufactures high quality ribbed steel panels to create a long-lasting roof system. Various forms of metal roofing have been in service for decades, clearly establishing the durability of metal in roofing applications.

Concealed expansion clip fasteners eliminate all issues related to thermal expansion and contraction as the roof is allowed to move slightly in either direction. This flexible design also eliminates the need for screw penetrations that are often the source of leaks or cracks.


A-Lert uses both high-quality, acrylic coated galvalume and factory-applied, warrantied paint systems for it's roof panels. 


At approximately 1.5 pounds per square foot, A-Lert roof systems reduce the additional dead load associated with traditional retrofitting systems.

Environmentally Friendly 

The main environmental benefit of the A-Lert standing seam roofing system is that it attaches directly to the existing roof. There is no need to remove the existing roof and clutter landfills with the original materials, saving both money and construction time. 

The A-Lert standing seam roof system retrofits directly to the existing roof.

The A-Lert standing seam roof system utilizes recyclable steel components with every design. This helps a project to qualify for a LEED point under "Materials and Resources."

Our systems are also environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency. Not only can the building continue to utilize its existing insulation, but new insulation can be easily added between the old and new roofs. Additionally, heat gain from solar radiation can be significantly reduced by the appropriate choice of coating on a metal roof. A-Lert Roof Systems is an Energy Star partner offering several product choices that meet requirements for high slope and low slope roofs. Refer to the Color Selection Chart to see which qualify. An A-Lert roof can also qualify a project for a LEED point under "Heat Island Effect"